Are immigrants at the Mexico border causing the COVID-19 surge?

Claim: Texas Governor Greg Abbott has blamed the rise in Covid-19 cases in Texas on the influx of undocumented immigrants crossing the border between Texas and Mexico.
Rating: FALSE. There is no evidence that the rise in COVID-19 cases is because of undocumented immigrants. Multiple health experts instead point to unvaccinated individuals as the reason for the surge of COVID-19 cases. 

Did Joe Biden deport Vietnamese refugees?

Claim: A number of news organizations, such as the Los Angeles Times and NBC News, have reported that President Joe Biden recently deported 33 Vietnamese immigrants.
Rating: The claim is TRUE. The Biden administration did deport 33 Vietnamese immigrants. It is following the lead of the Trump administration, who had deported almost 300 Vietnamese immigrants. Many of the people deported committed small crimes and misdemeanors and had already served prison sentences for their crimes. 

Is Senator David Perdue Anti-Immigration?

Claim: Senator David Perdue, who is currently running for re-election in Georgia for the United States Senate, has said that he wants to fix the U.S. immigration system and supports “merit-based immigration.” But his critics have said that he is anti-immigration.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY TRUE. Perdue has co-sponsored the RAISE Act, which he introduced in Congress twice. The RAISE Act would have halved the number of green cards issued annually and would have restricted family-sponsored immigration to just spouses and minor children of American citizens. The RAISE Act would have allowed prioritized immigrants who are young, highly skilled, and proficient in English.

Are Vietnamese people protected from Trump’s immigration policies?

Claim: Many Vietnamese-Americans believe that Trump’s immigration policies will not affect Vietnamese students and their opportunities to study in the United States. They believe that Trump’s immigration policies are focused solely on keeping out students from countries that sponsor terrorism. They also assume that because Trump is a Republican, he is therefore pro-Vietnamese.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. The Trump administration has recently introduced a new rule to limit visas for international students. This rule will severely affect international students currently studying in the United States, including 30,000 students from Vietnam.

Is Trump only against illegal immigration?

Claim: Many Vietnamese Americans have claimed that Trump’s anti-immigration beliefs and policies are focused only on illegal immigration and Vietnamese people are safe from these policies.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. A review of his actions during his time in office has shown that the Trump administration has pursued policies to limit the number of refugees the U.S. admits and to deport immigrants back to their country of origin, including more than 7,000 Vietnamese immigrants.