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Below are a number of articles that feature or mention Viet Fact Check.

Đây là một số bài viết trong tờ báo Mỹ và Việt Nam nói về Việt Kiểm Tin.

NBC Asia America
“How Biden can undo the divisions Trump deepened in immigrant communities”

“Why are Vietnamese Americans so divided over Trump?”

New York Times
“How Fake News Is Hatching in Immigrant Communities”

“Viet Fact Check tackles echo chambers with bilingual content”

Los Angeles Times
“Young Vietnamese American progressives lead a generational split with conservative elders”

Seattle Times:
“Among Vietnamese American voters, the Trump-Biden presidential race inflames old wounds”

NBC Asian America
“‘Binded by blood,’ split over election: Asian American family embodies generational shift in politics”

Northwest Vietnamese News (English) /
Người Việt Tây Bắc (Vietnamese)
“VietFactCheck bridges generational divides and inspires conversations”
“VietFactCheck: Cầu nối giữa các thế hệ và truyền sự cảm thông cho những cuộc trò chuyện”

“The challenge of combating fake news in Asian American communities”

“Asian American Voters Face Misinformation Campaigns”

The Guardian
“‘Putin could only dream of it’: how Trump became the biggest source of disinformation in 2020”

“Asian Americans Could Be the Key to Winning Georgia. Are Campaigns Flubbing Their Chance?”

Sun Herald
“America’s political divide cuts through MS Coast Vietnamese families, young voters say”

“For the voter who is Vietnamese American and speaking to other Vietnamese American Voters.”