Did the Republican Party put up unauthorized ballot boxes in California?

Claim: Unauthorized ballot drop boxes—some marked as “official”—have been appearing in Los Angeles, Orange, and Fresno counties in California. It was reported that the California Republican Party was behind these illegal ballot boxes.
Rating: This is TRUE. The California Republican Party admitted responsibility for placing more than 50 deceptively labeled “official” drop boxes for mail-in ballots in these counties—an action that state officials called illegal and could lead to election fraud. State officials have ordered the boxes be removed, but GOP leaders have not complied. State officials and prosecutors are currently investigating.

What is misinformation and how can Vietnamese-Americans identify it?

What’s the latest controversial news you heard today? Was it true or false?
In this era of information overload, many of us have a difficult time discerning facts from falsehoods. A survey from PBS NewsHour, NPR, and Marist Poll found that 59% of Americans say it is hard to identify false information. This is concerning as ill-informed voters can lead to catastrophic election results. As Election Day approaches, it is important that VietFactCheck.org explore the sources of misinformation that prey on the Vietnamese-American community.

Did Hunter Biden sell access to Joe Biden to Ukraine?

Claim: President Trump has repeatedly claimed that Hunter Biden provided inappropriate access to the Barack Obama/Joe Biden administration to the Ukrainian government.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. There is no evidence that anyone in the Obama/Biden administration assisted Hunter Biden in his role as a board member of Burisma, an energy company based in Ukraine. In addition, Trump’s pushing the Ukrainian government to investigate the Bidens was the source of the impeachment proceedings against him.

Does Amy Coney Barrett Oppose Obamacare?

Claim: Former vice president Joe Biden has said that if judge Amy Coney Barrett gets confirmed to the Supreme Court, she will vote to strike down the Affordable Care Act (ACA), because she opposes it.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY TRUE. In the past, Barrett has criticized the ACA (also known as Obamacare). But Barrett has not stated publicly if she will vote to strike down the ACA if she is confirmed to the Supreme Court. If the ACA is declared unconstitutional in the Supreme Court, around 23 million Americans will lose health coverage.

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