(Tiếng Việt)

Viet Fact Check is a project by PIVOT—the Progressive Vietnamese American Organization. We are a network of volunteers across the United States who care about the truth.

To empower Vietnamese Americans with fact-checked, source-verified analysis and rebuttals in English and Vietnamese to combat the onslaught of misinformation that is circulating widely in our Vietnamese American communities. 


First, Viet Fact Check will provide you with content that is informed by the facts and verified by reputable organizations. Our content features a mix of information from government websites, peer-reviewed studies and research, contemporary transcripts of speeches, and first-person quotes sourced from different journalistic institutions. We will provide links so you can see where we got our information, and we encourage you to click on the links and verify our reporting for yourself. We will not link to any opinion pieces—we only link to fact-based information. We know there is a ton of information coming at you from all directions, so we will keep our content short, simple and easy to understand.

Second, Viet Fact Check will provide you access to social media art to help spread the truth across your social networks. Please follow us here, as well as our social media handles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Third, Viet Fact Check will provide you with content that is accessible to both Vietnamese and English readers. Removing language barriers is key to  empowering multi-generational families to have conversations based on facts and to become more informed voters.