Did China help elect Joe Biden?

Claim: The King Radio, a right-wing Vietnamese YouTube Channel has repeatedly claimed that officials in President Joe Biden’s administration have ties to China, and that China rigged the 2020 Election for Biden.
Rating: Those claims are FALSE. There is no evidence from government officials that China interfered in the 2020 Election. There is also no evidence that anyone in Biden’s administration has ties to the Chinese Communist Party, not Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines nor Secret Service Agent David Cho, who is Korean-American.

Did Jon Ossoff Take Money From China?

Claim: Senator David Perdue is currently running for re-election in Georgia for the United States Senate. He recently accused his opponent Jon Ossoff of taking money from the Chinese government.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. It is true that Ossoff’s television company, Insight TWI, has received $1,000 from PCCW Media Limited in Hong Kong to air one of Insight’s documentaries. This is standard practice in entertaining, where broadcasters regularly sell licenses to have their content aired around the world. It also pales to Perdue’s business ties to China. At two companies that Perdue led, he outsourced manufacturing to China, opened business offices in China, and increased the import of cheap goods from China—an economic decision that is certainly greater than $1,000.

Has Trump made money from China during his presidency?

Claim: A recent New York Times article came out saying that President Donald Trump has a secret bank account in China. During the third presidential debate, former vice president Joe Biden said Trump has made money from China.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY TRUE. Since 2017, the Trump Organization has earned almost $5.4 million by renting to a bank owned by China. In addition, since Trump became president, the Trump Organization has received 38 trademarks in China, to place the Trump name on golf clubs, child-care centers, and nursing homes.

Is Congressman Harley Rouda pro-Ho Chi Minh?

Claim: The Michelle Steel for Congress campaign has sent Vietnamese-language mailers to constituents in California’s 48th district suggesting that Democratic congressman Harley Rouda is pro-Ho Chi Minh and soft on China.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. When Jeff LeTourneau, a vice chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County, shared a Facebook post praising Ho Chi Minh, Rouda immediately demanded LeTourneau’s resignation. Moreover, Rouda has introduced and passed several key legislative provisions to keep the Chinese Communist Party in check.

Has Trump been tougher on China than Obama?

Claim: President Donald Trump has claimed that “nobody is tougher on China” than he is.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. Trump has created policies that have only increased China’s strength relative to the United States. His trade deals with China have raised the price on Chinese goods in America, decreased the number of goods America exports, and caused the loss of over 300,000 jobs. In addition, his actions with China have led to anti-democratic crackdowns in Vietnam.

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