Is Congressman Harley Rouda pro-Ho Chi Minh?

Claim: The Michelle Steel for Congress campaign has sent Vietnamese-language mailers to constituents in California’s 48th district suggesting that Democratic congressman Harley Rouda is pro-Ho Chi Minh and soft on China.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. When Jeff LeTourneau, a vice chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County, shared a Facebook post praising Ho Chi Minh, Rouda immediately demanded LeTourneau’s resignation. Moreover, Rouda has introduced and passed several key legislative provisions to keep the Chinese Communist Party in check.

Has Trump been tougher on China than Obama?

Claim: President Donald Trump has claimed that “nobody is tougher on China” than he is.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. Trump has created policies that have only increased China’s strength relative to the United States. His trade deals with China have raised the price on Chinese goods in America, decreased the number of goods America exports, and caused the loss of over 300,000 jobs. In addition, his actions with China have led to anti-democratic crackdowns in Vietnam.

Is Black Lives Matter a pro-communist China group?

Claim: An article on September 15 from the conservative Heritage Foundation claimed that a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement and a pro-communist China group are partnering up. The claims in this article have gone viral, with more than 15,000 shares on Facebook.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. The article incorrectly equated two nonprofits with the same name and wrongly associated Alicia Garza, co-founder of BLM, with the nonprofit that has ties to the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Has China donated money to Trump?

Claim: Many in the Vietnamese community have heard reports that the Trump campaign has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from wealthy Chinese nationals with strong ties to the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) government. These Chinese nationals gave money to Trump’s re-election campaign in order to potentially influence Trump’s policies.
Rating: This claim is HALF TRUE. Chinese-Americans did donate to Trump’s re-election campaign soon after Trump took office. This effort opened doors in Washington to these donors and their Chinese national associates to meet the President and top Republicans, at both fundraisers and GOP leadership meetings.

Is Trump really anti-socialist and anti-communist?

Claim: Many Vietnamese Americans say they are voting for Trump because they claim that he is anti-communist.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. While Trump commonly uses anti-socialist rhetoric, our review found that Trump has pushed for several socialist policies during his first term. In addition, his friendships with communist and authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping conflict with his anti-socialist messaging.

Is Biden actually pro-China?

Claim: Many Vietnamese Americans believe that Biden supports China and that his presidency will inevitably lead to China’s domination over Vietnam.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. While Biden previously supported China’s economic progress, he has become critical of its political repression and recent aggression in disputed territories. Rather, experts believe that Biden’s presidency will follow a hardline approach with China similar to Trump’s.

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