Did Joe Biden and Democrats oppose Vietnamese refugees in the 1980s?

Claim: Many Vietnamese Americans believe that former vice president Joe Biden and the Democrats broadly opposed the arrival of Vietnamese refugees to the United States.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. Over 80% of all Democrats in Congress, including Biden, voted to pass major legislation that allowed the second wave of Vietnamese refugees to resettle in the US in the 1980s. Notably, Democrats introduced the bill in both houses of Congress and a Democratic President signed it into law. In contrast, Republicans in Congress supported the bill at a lower rate of 70%. The majority of those who voted against the bill were Republican.

Has Trump done more for veterans than John McCain?

Claim: President Trump recently said on Twitter that he has been more successful than the late Senator John McCain in creating beneficial policies for military veterans.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. Trump regularly takes credit for laws and practices that were codified during the Obama administration. In addition, Trump’s policies have not been beneficial to the military. To this day, Trump has not criticized Russia for placing a bounty on American troops.

Did Trump really call members of the military “losers”?

Claim:On Sept. 3, The Atlantic published an article claiming that President Trump called members of the American military that have died, or captured, in wars, “losers” and “suckers.”
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY TRUE. Although Trump has denied making those statements, a number of other news outlets, including Fox News, have confirmed their reporting. In addition, there is a video of Trump calling the late Senator John McCain a “loser” for being captured during the Vietnam War.

Washington DC - A Veteran looks for a name at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall at sunrise

Did Trump dodge the Vietnam War draft?

Claim: Trump avoided military service during the Vietnam War.
Rating: This claim is TRUE. Trump never served in the Vietnam War or in the military. For over a decade during the Vietnam War, Trump sought and received five deferments, including allegedly lying about a medical condition to avoid the draft during the height of the war in 1968.

Lyndon Johnson meets with Presidential candidate Richard Nixon at the White House, July 26, 1968.

Are Republicans actually more anti-communist than Democrats?

Claim: Many Vietnamese Americans believe Trump is anti-communist because he is a member of the Republican Party, which many Vietnamese Americans perceive as being anti-communist. 
Rating: This is HALF TRUE. While the Republican Party has been very adamant in its rhetoric that it is the anti-communist party, it is not clear that the party’s foreign policies have been more anti-communist than the Democratic Party.

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