Did the Republican Party put up unauthorized ballot boxes in California?

Claim: Unauthorized ballot drop boxes—some marked as “official”—have been appearing in Los Angeles, Orange, and Fresno counties in California. It was reported that the California Republican Party was behind these illegal ballot boxes.
Rating: This is TRUE. The California Republican Party admitted responsibility for placing more than 50 deceptively labeled “official” drop boxes for mail-in ballots in these counties—an action that state officials called illegal and could lead to election fraud. State officials have ordered the boxes be removed, but GOP leaders have not complied. State officials and prosecutors are currently investigating.

Is Congressman Harley Rouda pro-Ho Chi Minh?

Claim: The Michelle Steel for Congress campaign has sent Vietnamese-language mailers to constituents in California’s 48th district suggesting that Democratic congressman Harley Rouda is pro-Ho Chi Minh and soft on China.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. When Jeff LeTourneau, a vice chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County, shared a Facebook post praising Ho Chi Minh, Rouda immediately demanded LeTourneau’s resignation. Moreover, Rouda has introduced and passed several key legislative provisions to keep the Chinese Communist Party in check.