VietFactCheck’s Recommendations for Vietnamese-American News Sources

(Tiếng Việt)

To advance our mission of empowering Vietnamese Americans to combat the onslaught of misinformation, Viet Fact Check would like to highlight and share the work of others in our community who care about the truth. Despite popular belief, there are many people in the Vietnamese American news industry who provide reliable news, fact-check misinformation,and do not promote conspiracy theories. VietFactCheck has identified a number of trustworthy Vietnamese-language new sources. You can find our recommendations in the list below. We invite you to become familiar with their work and share their content with your loved ones. If you have recommendations to add to our list, please contact us here.

1.  Video: SET’s “Thời Sự 247 Với Đỗ Dzũng (News 24/7 with Đỗ Dzũng)

“Thời Sự 247 Với Đỗ Dzũng” is a Vietnamese language news show from Saigon Entertainment Television based in Orange County, CA. Đỗ Dzũng is a journalist and editor of Người Việt newspaper. In this episode, Dzũng delivers a comprehensive and entertaining 20-minute analysis of why claims of voter fraud from the 2020 general election are false. Throughout, Dzũng presents facts, makes logical arguments, and uses a colloquial style of speaking reminiscent of your favorite uncle. 

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2. Video: Tự Lực Bookstore’s “Đinh Quang Anh Thái—Thuyết Âm Mưu : Sự Thật và Dối Trá”

Đinh Quang Anh Thái hosts a news commentary show on YouTube. His show is posted on the account for Tự Lực Bookstore, a Vietnamese bookstore in Garden Grove, CA. Thái is a journalist and former editor of Người Việt newspaper. In this episode, Thái takes on and debunks QAnon and other popular conspiracy theories about the 2020 general election and President Joe Biden’s relationship with China. He also questions the veracity of information reportedly coming from Vietnam. Similar to Dzũng, Thái presents facts and makes logical arguments. But Thái’s calmer and more genial delivery appeals to an audience that prefers his manner of speaking. 

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3. Video: SBTN’s “ĐỐI DIỆN VỚI SỰ THẬT | 01/27/2021”

The Saigon Broadcasting Television Network (SBTN) is a 24-hour network, which offers a variety of programming, from talk shows to musical performances. One of their regular segments is called “Đối Diện Với Sự Thật” (“Face the Truth”), a talk show that discusses and interprets the day’s headlines. In this episode, the show’s host Tường Thắng talks to Tạ Trung, an engineer and a PIVOT board member, about misinformation. They talk about how it spreads, why people believe it, and how we can fight against it. And they also talk about how most misinformation appeals to the Vietnamese-American community’s aversion to communism and socialism, and that’s why it’s so effective.

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4. Video: SBTN’s “ĐỐI DIỆN VỚI SỰ THẬT | 02/10/2021”

SBTN’s “Đối Diện Với Sự Thật” (“Face the Truth”) has also invited young Vietnamese-American guests to talk about the misinformation they are seeing in their communities and offer ways to combat misinformation. In this episode, the show’s host Tạ Trung, an engineer and a PIVOT board member, talks with Carolyn Hua, a 2017 college graduate in biochemistry and current manager of a COVID-19 testing lab. They talk about the misinformation she has heard about COVID-19, how and why YouTubers and politicians easily mislead and spread misinformation, and how younger and older Vietnamese Americans can help each other be informed and careful consumers of information in the digital age.

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5. Article: “Cuồng Tin Giả!” by Mạnh Kim

In this well-researched article, the journalist Mạnh Kim discusses the proliferation of fake news on social media, in particular Facebook, and cites the most common misinformation and their sources. He examines false claims from both sides of the political spectrum, including false claims that Facebook removed the description “President-elect” from Joe Biden’s name; that Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and George Soros were arrested; and the display of a Nazi flag at a Trump rally. He explains how these stories of misinformation got their start and lists the major news organizations where one can factcheck. 

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6. Article: “‘Lịch Sử’ Tweet Của ‘Twitter-In-Chief’ Donald Trump” by Mạnh Kim

In this piece, journalist Mạnh Kim describes Trump’s “Twitter culture,” in which Trump used his social media platform to attack political opponents in crude and derogatory terms and how Trump learned over the years, first as a TV host, to use Twitter to great effect to bring messages directly to his supporters. He recounts Trump’s more outlandish tweets, including his firing of important officials on Twitter and his highly personal squabbles with celebrities. The article discusses the high percentage of his Twitter followers being fake accounts and whether the decision by Twitter and other social media companies to close Trump’s accounts violate his First Amendment rights. The author’s conclusion is no.  

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