A Message From the Team at VietFactCheck

VietFactCheck started less than 6 months ago, with the idea that it would stop on Nov. 3. Now, the site is here to stay—at least as long as misinformation continues to plague our Vietnamese-American community. As we look back on a momentous year, the entire team behind VietFactCheck would like to thank our readers for helping us reach this critical point.

What is misinformation and how can Vietnamese-Americans identify it?

What’s the latest controversial news you heard today? Was it true or false?
In this era of information overload, many of us have a difficult time discerning facts from falsehoods. A survey from PBS NewsHour, NPR, and Marist Poll found that 59% of Americans say it is hard to identify false information. This is concerning as ill-informed voters can lead to catastrophic election results. As Election Day approaches, it is important that VietFactCheck.org explore the sources of misinformation that prey on the Vietnamese-American community.