VietFactCheck’s Recommendations for Vietnamese-American News Sources

To advance our mission of empowering Vietnamese Americans to combat the onslaught of misinformation, Viet Fact Check would like to highlight and share the work of others in our community who care about the truth. Despite popular belief, there are many people in the Vietnamese American news industry who provide reliable news, fact-check misinformation,and do not promote conspiracy theories. VietFactCheck has identified a number of trustworthy Vietnamese-language new sources. Read more about our recommendations here.

A Message From the Team at VietFactCheck

VietFactCheck started less than 6 months ago, with the idea that it would stop on Nov. 3. Now, the site is here to stay—at least as long as misinformation continues to plague our Vietnamese-American community. As we look back on a momentous year, the entire team behind VietFactCheck would like to thank our readers for helping us reach this critical point.

What is misinformation and how can Vietnamese-Americans identify it?

What’s the latest controversial news you heard today? Was it true or false?
In this era of information overload, many of us have a difficult time discerning facts from falsehoods. A survey from PBS NewsHour, NPR, and Marist Poll found that 59% of Americans say it is hard to identify false information. This is concerning as ill-informed voters can lead to catastrophic election results. As Election Day approaches, it is important that explore the sources of misinformation that prey on the Vietnamese-American community.