Is the U.S. economy under Trump the best it’s ever been?

Claim: President Trump has repeatedly claimed that American economy under his leadership has been the best in history.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. Prior to COVID-19, even though the economy was generally fine under Trump, the economy was stronger in other periods in history. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, America has experienced record unemployment and job loss, the highest of any developed country in the world.

Are Vietnamese Americans really doing better economically under Trump?

Claim: Many Vietnamese-Americans believe that Trump’s economic policies have helped the Vietnamese community.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. The lack of leadership from the Trump administration during the COVID-19 pandemic has left state governments scrambling for funding to support small businesses and ensure the health and safety of their citizens. Consequently, many Vietnamese-owned small businesses, like nail salons and restaurants, are struggling to stay afloat.

Why do so many Republicans support Joe Biden?

Claim: Republicans are increasingly coming out in support for Biden, leading many Vietnamese Americans to wonder if these individuals are “sore losers,” who have no reason to oppose Trump other than personally disliking him.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. There are Republicans who have been appointed into powerful positions by President Trump who now oppose him.

Is Trump only against illegal immigration?

Claim: Many Vietnamese Americans have claimed that Trump’s anti-immigration beliefs and policies are focused only on illegal immigration and Vietnamese people are safe from these policies.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. A review of his actions during his time in office has shown that the Trump administration has pursued policies to limit the number of refugees the U.S. admits and to deport immigrants back to their country of origin, including more than 7,000 Vietnamese immigrants.

Is Trump really anti-socialist and anti-communist?

Claim: Many Vietnamese Americans say they are voting for Trump because they claim that he is anti-communist.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. While Trump commonly uses anti-socialist rhetoric, our review found that Trump has pushed for several socialist policies during his first term. In addition, his friendships with communist and authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping conflict with his anti-socialist messaging.

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