Is Trump really a good businessman?

Claim: Trump has repeatedly claimed that the reason he is qualified to be president is because he’s a successful businessman, and many Americans believe it.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. Although Trump has made considerable money from his entertainment and real estate career, his tax returns from the last two decades reveal that he has lost much more money than he has made.

Does Trump want to preserve health insurance protections for those with pre-existing conditions?

Claim: In several interviews, President Trump has claimed he wants to protect health insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. Trump has repeatedly voiced that he is in favor of health coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. However, his words contradict his administration’s actions. The Trump administration is attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which is the only law protecting health insurance for individuals with pre-existing conditions. And Trump has no plan to replace it. An estimated 147,000 Vietnamese-Americans could lose health coverage if the ACA is repealed.

Does Trump have a better healthcare plan than Obamacare?

Claim: Many Vietnamese Americans believe that Trump has a better and more comprehensive healthcare plan that is cheaper and covers more Americans than the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. After almost four years, Trump still does not have a clear healthcare plan to replace the ACA. Instead, the Trump Administration is currently working to repeal the ACA, which would take away health coverage from 23 million Americans, including 147,000 Vietnamese-Americans.

Has China donated money to Trump?

Claim: Many in the Vietnamese community have heard reports that the Trump campaign has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from wealthy Chinese nationals with strong ties to the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) government. These Chinese nationals gave money to Trump’s re-election campaign in order to potentially influence Trump’s policies.
Rating: This claim is HALF TRUE. Chinese-Americans did donate to Trump’s re-election campaign soon after Trump took office. This effort opened doors in Washington to these donors and their Chinese national associates to meet the President and top Republicans, at both fundraisers and GOP leadership meetings.

Has Trump done more for veterans than John McCain?

Claim: President Trump recently said on Twitter that he has been more successful than the late Senator John McCain in creating beneficial policies for military veterans.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. Trump regularly takes credit for laws and practices that were codified during the Obama administration. In addition, Trump’s policies have not been beneficial to the military. To this day, Trump has not criticized Russia for placing a bounty on American troops.

Did Trump really call members of the military “losers”?

Claim:On Sept. 3, The Atlantic published an article claiming that President Trump called members of the American military that have died, or captured, in wars, “losers” and “suckers.”
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY TRUE. Although Trump has denied making those statements, a number of other news outlets, including Fox News, have confirmed their reporting. In addition, there is a video of Trump calling the late Senator John McCain a “loser” for being captured during the Vietnam War.

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