Do Joe Biden and the Democrats support late-term abortion?

Claim: Republicans have said that President Joe Biden and the Democrats support late-term abortion, including up until the moment of birth. 
Rating: This is MOSTLY FALSE. Biden supports Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court ruling that made abortion legal in the United States, and allowed abortions up until about 24 weeks (six months) of pregnancy. After that point, abortion is only allowed in situations where the woman’s life is threatened or if the fetus has birth defects that would not let it live outside of the womb. Roe v. Wade was overturned in June 2022, making abortion illegal in 13 states.

Is voter fraud a widespread problem?

Claim: A number of Republican politicians, including former President Donald Trump, have claimed that voter fraud is a widespread issue, and that more election security measures need to be taken.
Rating: This claim is FALSE. Numerous studies, including those funded by Trump, have not found any widespread incidents of voter fraud. Those studies have said that voter fraud is exceedingly rare. But these claims of voter fraud have led 14 states to pass new voting laws which critics have said will make it harder for people to vote.

What are the midterm elections and why are they important?

Much effort and resources have been devoted in the Vietnamese community towards understanding the importance of the presidential elections in controlling the U.S. government’s agenda. However, the midterm elections are just as important, if not more important, in determining the everyday policies that directly affect Vietnamese Americans, such as jobs and the economy, inflation, education, and healthcare. 

Is Congressional Candidate Jay Chen a Communist?

Claim: Congresswoman Michelle Steel is currently running for reelection, she serves California’s 45th District, which includes Little Saigon. Steel recently released fliers of her opponent Jay Chen, who is a Democrat, claiming that he is a Communist sympathizer. 
Rating: This claim is FALSE. Jay Chen is a member of the U.S. military, he is a Lieutenant Commander of the Navy Reserve, and he is also the son of Taiwanese immigrants who fled Communist China — it’s highly unlikely that Chen is a Communist. Steel also said that in 2010, Chen supported the Confucius Institute, which is funded by the Chinese government. But at the time, that was a program supported by President George W. Bush and President Obama, as a way for American students to learn Mandarin.

Will the Inflation Reduction Act fight inflation? 

Claim: President Joe Biden’s administration has claimed that the Inflation Reduction Act will provide inflation relief to Americans.
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY TRUE. The Inflation Reduction Act does not seek to directly affect inflation by altering monetary policy, which is the role of the Federal Reserve Bank. Instead, it seeks to address some of the historical causes of inflation by tackling health care and energy costs. It also invests in renewable energy and energy manufacturing, which protects the United States from global events that affect energy supply and cost.

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