Viet Fact Check Remembers Our Translation Superhero Thang Do

Viet Fact Check has learned that one of our beloved volunteers, Thang Do, has passed away. Viet Fact Check sends our sympathy and deepest condolences to Thang’s family. We feel privileged to have been able to work with him, and learn from him. As VFC continues our work to combat disinformation, we remember Thang Do: his joy, passion, and dedication to informing and empowering the Vietnamese American community.

Does the lifting of mask mandates mean you shouldn’t wear a mask anymore? 

Claim: With COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 decreasing nationwide, many states have lifted their mask mandate and you no longer need to wear a mask in public indoor settings. 
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY TRUE. Mask mandates do vary county by county but for the most part, you no longer need to wear a mask in public. But if you have a compromised immune system, or are caring for elderly adults or anyone with a weak immune system, it is still strongly recommended that you still wear a mask when you go out to protect the vulnerable members of your family. 

Is Joe Biden responsible for high gas prices? 

Claim: Many Vietnamese Americans believe that President Joe Biden is to blame for the rise in gas prices, saying that during the Trump Administration, gas prices were cheaper. 
Rating: This claim is MOSTLY FALSE. The American president does not control gas prices. Gas prices are determined by the price of oil on the global market. Because Russia has waged war on Ukraine, the U.S. and its European allies have reduced their import of Russian oil. This has led to a worldwide increase in the price of oil and thus, a worldwide increase in gas prices. 

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